Dementia progression

A gradual decline in memory and mental abilities,
the worst progression of which leaves the person
unable to interact with their surroundings.
Brain scans show degeneration of the brain
as it literally shrinks. Exercise can provide some
defense against this degeneration by increasing
blood and nutrient flow to the brain, and the
firing of neural connections.


There is research that suggests exercise,
particularly aerobic exercise, may help
to promote the growth of new neurons -
cells that transmit nerve impulses - through
a process called neurogenesis. This effectively
means that your nervous system has more
avenues through which to send messages.

Improved focus

Exercise also promotes the secretion of hormones
that help to improve attention and ability to focus.
This is why many people report feeling much
more productive and level-headed at work after
a morning exercise session.

Struggling to get to the gym in the morning?

Strengthen your body as well as your mind in the gym.