We’re trying to inspire you to take on a six-week commitment, to partner up a commitment to
eating and drinking better, with a targeted programme.

This is very much a partnership. Last week, we revealed the thinking that refined carbs aren’t just empty carbs
that leave you short of energy very quickly; they also change the body’s biology by interfering with ‘Leptin’.
That’s the master hormone controlling your weight.

We asked you over the next six weeks, to try and cut out, as much as possible, all refined carbs.
We’re also going to ask you to try and create a better Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids
(both vital for the body to function healthily) balance.

We should be creating a 1:1 balance between Omegas-3 & 6. Unfortunately, many people, especially those who have
diets high in fast or processed foods, create a balance of 20:1. That causes a number of unhealthy impacts,
including making it more difficult for your metabolism to work effectively.

If you can CUT OUT refined carbs and REDUCE your intake of fast / processed foods,
replacing that with two helpings of Omega-3 rich fish and a regular supply of walnuts;
and COMMIT to a structured workout, then in six weeks you won’t believe the difference.