My back hurts?

Sitting still all day causes your hip flexors to tighten and this leads to lower back pain.

When your hip flexors get tight, they cause more than just back pain. Your hip flexors attach to the anterior part of the lumbar spine, pelvis and femur. This results in constant strain on your back, as your stronger muscles compensate and work harder for the weaker muscles. This could cause more pain or even injury. Strengthening your back muscles is the answer.

A standing toe touch is a great exercise to engage your hip flexors while also strengthening your glutes, stability and balance.

·Keep the leg you are balancing on straight.
·Lift the opposite leg until it is parallel to the floor.
·For increased difficulty touch your toe with the opposite arm.
·Hold for 5 seconds and do three sets of 10 repeats on each side.

Achieve your best form

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