Start small and achieve big with us. We can help you become healthier and break the bad habits with exercise. Join us.
Let us help you strengthen your glutes so that you can remain pain-free.
Keeping it balanced takes work. Let us help you strengthen your glutes and improve your balance.
Have the confidence to wear shorts when its hot and not worry about your cellulite. Book now!
Come join us for HIIT training so that you can fit it all in!
Let us help you stay focused and maintain high energy levels all week.
Improve your posture by strengthening your glutes.
Live your best life. Let your healthy body help you do it.
Join us in setting and achieving these goals by staying active and healthy.
Exercise help manage health and reduce the risk of developing diseases.
Physical exertion will give you more energy but, exercise does cause chemical changes that bolster energy levels.
Working out with friends has the dual advantage of making exercise more fun.
Exercise causes chemical changes that help to boost brain function and much more.
Muscular endurance is one of the main fitness components and is important in most sports and for general daily activity.
Tracking your progress can illustrate parts of your workout that you may need to focus on more.
Strength, flexibility and muscular endurance just a couple of simple tests that can help you monitor your improvement.
Benchmarking your progress is an easy way to set and reach your fitness goals.
Good sleep is as vital to good health as eating properly or getting enough exercise.
Keep your body feeling younger and vibrant every day by finding exercises that work for you.
You can kick up your ability to burn calories even when you’re away from the gym.
We don’t know why more people aren’t doing this at the gym. Everyone benefits.
Love handles and the spare tire. They’re gone.
We’d like you start with an assessment with one of our trainers, and then build a structured exercise plan to meet clear improvement targets.
Use winter as an opportunity to strengthen your body for whatever sport you participate in.
If you’re one of the free weight specialists, then include a dance class once a week. It’s really good for your cardio and coordination, and you’ll be surprised by how much you enjoy it.
We know, in fact you know, that letting winter depress the amount of time you spend at the gym will have an impact on your summer. But how do you want to arrive at October?
In anyone’s well-being programme, the smart trainer or indoor bike are valuable and fun components to improve cardiovascular performance and leg strength during the colder, darker months.
We know it’s dark in the mornings and evenings. We know it’s colder. But don’t stop now. You’re going to have the greatest summer you’ve ever had, because you’re investing time now.
Early morning exercise can be a life changing lifestyle adjustment.
Staying properly hydrated will help you go the distance in your workout.
Being part of a training group can provide extra support, motivation and incentive.
We want to make your journey to better fitness a smooth one.
Setting yourself the challenge of completing a sports event can provide extra motivation.

Reaching your fitness goals

Some things to keep in mind when setting your fitness goals.
A new piece of fitness gear can help to get you excited to train.
The festive season gives you more time to implement healthy lifestyle practices.
Avoid the fitness plateau and keep progressing by including group exercise classes.
Add motivation and joy to your workouts by joining a group exercise class.
Workouts with a clear purpose are more effective.
Group exercise classes can provide you with extra motivation and support.
These all too often overlooked lifestyle habits can have a massive impact on your health.
Use some of the time you have these holidays for a family exercise session or two, there’s good reason to.
Having a training partner or group can add a lot to your fitness journey.
Here’s what can help you be more consistent in your healthy lifestyle habits.
The answer to that is most certainly “yes!” Regular exercise has proven health promoting and disease preventing effects.
There’s so much to be gained physically, emotionally and mentally by living an active lifestyle and the benefits can be compounded if you include your loved ones too.
Three important things to keep in mind when planning your exercise routine.
Staying committed to an exercise routine can be tough, here are a few tricks to help you get to that session even when you least feel like it.
We all know how important sleep is, but that alone won’t help you to get a full night of quality rest. Here are some practical tips to help improve your quality of sleep.
Including regular exercise in your lifestyle will do you a world of good, but just how much is required to start experiencing the many benefits it has to offer?
While any physical activity is better than doing nothing, there is still a marker for what constitutes ‘exercise’ as part of a health and fitness improvement program.

Why quality sleep is essential to good health

The average person spends 36% of their life asleep; that means an 80 year old will have spent 29 years asleep – that's over a third of a lifetime! Find out how to get a better nights rest here.
A simple activity with complex effects, walking has some real health boosting benefits that can drastically improve your quality of life.

Take a stand against prolonged sitting

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How much exercise is enough?

Before you can answer this, you need to know where you are now and what you want from your exercise.
Good intentions aren't enough to maintain exercise consistently, if you really want to have an active lifestyle there are some practical things to consider.

Getting back to regular exercise?

When it comes to exercise, there’s no such thing as making up for lost time.
Morning exercise sessions are a great way of boosting your energy levels for the day ahead.
Exercise will change your life, regardless of your age. It doesn't matter when you start exercising, but especially as our bodies age, a healthy, active and fulfilling life is much more likely if it ... See more
It should go without saying that there’s more to getting fit than losing weight, but so many people still see this as the main reason for exercising.