The benefits of regular exercise for your skeletal muscle, heart and lungs is well documented,
but just as beneficial to your health and well-being is the effect of exercise on your brain health.

Normalised sleeping patterns

Regular exercise helps your body to
maintain a regular sleep cycle. One of the
reasons for this is the increased
secretion of the neurotransmitter
called serotonin, that helps to
regulate mood and the body’s natural
sleep cycle. When you have a
consistent sleeping pattern,
your brain gets ample
time to regenerate itself and stay healthy.

Reduced inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a harmful
condition that is usually accompanied
by the presence of free-radicals.
These can damage your body’s
healthy cells, including those in your brain.
Exercise helps to reduce inflammation and
thereby indirectly helps to protect your
brain cells from oxidative damage.

Combine strength and cardio

Studies have suggested that strength exercise and cardio exercise have different but equally
beneficial effects on brain function. The same is true for their effect on your muscles, lungs and heart.
This is why it is especially beneficial to include a variety of exercise types in your workouts.

Strengthen your body as well as your mind in the gym.