Mild depression and constant anxiety can drain you of energy and make daily life feel like a slog.
Getting your pulse racing and breaking a sweat can help to alleviate anxiety and lift your mood.

Helpful chemicals

Exercise causes your body to
release endorphins and serotonin.
Endorphins cause that feel-good sensation after exercise; they are also natural pain
killers that can help alleviate
chronic aches and pains.
Serotonin has a significant
effect on mood and cognitive function,
and the increased
levels after exercise can help
to stabilise mood and improve concentration.

Reduce depression and anxiety

In addition to its array of physical benefits,
regular exercise can be a really powerful
antidote to anxiety, mild depression and attention
problems. It also offers the chance to meet
like-mindedpeople and form meaningful
social connections.

Find an exercise you enjoy

Long, endurance forms of exercise like
cycling and jogging are particularly useful
for elevating serotonin levels, but it is
still important that you enjoy the form
of exercise you do because you don’t
want it to be just another source
of anxiety. 

Strengthen your body as well as your mind in the gym.