We want you to be able to keep up with the lifestyle you deserve. Weight training can get you there. Chat to us.
Tell us how active you are so we can up your motivation and stick to your success.
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The Goblet Squat is a fun way to strengthen your glutes and other muscle groups.
Running and walking has been proven to strengthen bones and joints. Looking after your bones and joints is crucial in helping you age better.
Accomplish what you have only dreamed of. Let us help you tackle your goals in a positive, healthy way.
Have the best quality of life. Look after your heart to enjoy every day

Get motivated

Achieving your goals and staying motivated is easier when you’re held responsible.
To be empowered means to live life to your full potential. Becoming stronger and more confident will empower you to do the things you want to do.
Look after your mental and emotional health by reducing stress and anxiety through regular exercise.
Now is the time to put yourself first. Take action. Build the best version of you this year.
Do you want to get fit and healthy in a way that is fun, keeps you motivated, and shows you how much you have progressed?
Visible progress is a powerful motivator. Make sure you have some achievable goals in mind.
Join us in setting and achieving these goals by staying active and healthy.
Being healthy, fit and spending time with your grandchildren is something money can’t buy.
So you want to get in shape? Why? “I want to look good”. Why? “I want to be more active.
Why do so few stay committed and fall away while one particular group succeeds?
If you want to make a serious change in your health and fitness then you need to think beyond the health outcome (e.g. losing weight).
Tracking your progress can illustrate parts of your workout that you may need to focus on more.
Good sleep is as vital to good health as eating properly or getting enough exercise.
Pack your lunch with protein and you’ll power through the afternoon.
Have you ever thought that we could have exercises that will reduce your lower back pain?
Are you working hard but not making enough progress? Don’t give up. There might be another way.
Among the most common causes of poor posture are: lack pf physical exercise and sitting in one position for too long.
Just twice a week and you’ll accelerate fat loss, reduced inches, look your best and boost your confidence. Don’t miss out.
What if we could accelerate the development of the body without love handles or the spare tire?
Many people, women especially, struggle with the impact of reduced bone density as they age. There is a way to fight back.
We don’t know why more people aren’t doing this at the gym. Everyone benefits.
We’d like you start with an assessment with one of our trainers, and then build a structured exercise plan to meet clear improvement targets.
We’re trying to inspire you to take on a six-week commitment, to partner up a commitment to eating and drinking better, with a targeted programme.
Improvements are often made in short steps. Is six weeks a period where you could commit to a change?
Everyone knows that to complete a journey, your car needs enough fuel.
Man or woman, along with type-2 diabetes, depression is the chronic illness of our time. Every one of you knows a person suffering with depression. Let’s do something for that friend.
Are you the person who’ll wait until September and then go crazy at the gym; or are you out on the road, on the bike; rebuilding your summer body?
Most people plan to start their day with a workout, or finish a work day with a visit to the gym. The way you think about your upcoming workout will determine how likely you are to skip out.
Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of any training programme, but particularly so for building muscle.
Just like stronger muscles and heart, exercise also strengthens your brain.
Ways exercise can help keep the brain functioning normally.
The health risks of chronic stress and how exercise can help.
Exercise has a significant impact on your mental health too.
Making a habit of sitting for hours on end causes certain muscles to tighten and weaken.
Staying seated for hours on end tenses and weakens muscles while putting pressure on your spine.
What you eat is obviously really important if you’re looking to lose weight, but HOW you eat also matters.