Challenge yourself to live a happier and healthier life

We understand that some of you are finding it difficult to exercise while under lockdown. We are here to help you find new ways to make movement a part of your daily routine.

Especially ...
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Stay safe and strong

Don’t get hamstrung. Keeping your hamstrings flexible will help you move better and avoid Achilles injury. We have four simple exercises that will help you do this. If you are stuck at home, doing ... See more
The safety of you, our customers and our staff come first. Avoid fake news. Stay up to date and stay informed with the official website.
The safety of you, our customers and our staff come first. Avoid fake news. Stay up to date and stay informed with the official website.

Are you up for the challenge?

Everyone who wants to lose weight (in a healthy way!), tone up, transform your body and maintain results!
Open to members and non-members of BodyLife.

Read our newsletter here: ...
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Sweat Towels, Training Shoes and Training Clothes

Due to health and safety reasons, it is compulsory for all members to use sweat towels and wear training shoes and clothes. Sweat towels are meant to clean where you sweat and to cover equipment ... See more

To stay active, have fun

Living an active lifestyle means moving every single day, and this takes commitment. But dreading the thought of exercise and forcing yourself to do it is not likely to help you lead an active ... See more

Get more out of your training session

You probably know by now that we’re huge fans of compound exercises. They are efficient and effective at improving strength and power, building muscle and burning energy.Compound exercises engage ... See more

We're getting physical in 2019

Getting fit in 2019 is going to be more motivating and more fun here at Bodylife! Why? Because our classes are dynamic and for everyone, so bring a friend or family member - we all know that training ... See more

Do it for love

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and if you don't have any plans yet, you need to start brainstorming. If you have someone to share it with or not, remember this is the day you should also ... See more

Cardio is a must, so mix it up

Cardio (short for cardiovascular) exercise is “aerobic”, which means it requires your heart to pump oxygenated blood to your muscles to fuel your exercise. The more efficiently it does this, the ... See more

Improve your life quality

Functional movement training involves training the body for activities you perform in your day-to-day life. It doesn’t just strengthen one muscle group at a time. Instead, this kind of training works ... See more

Dream it and then do it

Get out of your way

It's time to get out of your own way and achieve what you've wanted to achieve. It's easy to slip back into our old routines, but 2019 is the year to break out and smash ...
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What is your exercise resolution for 2019?

Stick to your goals in 2019

Want to stick with your resolutions this year? We all start a new year with good intentions, but by the time February rolls round, we tend to fall of the ...
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We are turning up the heat tomorrow | 17:30 - 19:30

Body Life will be bringing the heat in the upcoming winter season.

This Wednesday (tomorrow) we are bringing back the long awaited Aerobics Marathon, with 4 Instructors back to back! Join ...
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Are you up for our weekly challenge?

Dear Members,

Please note, that every Wednesday at Body Life Flora Park, our Biokineticist will be hosting a series of challenges that will test a variety of fitness categories to help our ...
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Reduced Prices InBody Body Composition Testing

We have decided to make the InBody body composition testing more accessible to all our members by reducing the testing prices. Single members can do an assessment now for only R150 and a family of ... See more

It's bring-a-buddy Wednesday!

Come and see how strong your lungs are! 16:00 - 18:00

Non members are allowed to participate, as it is also bring-a-buddy Wednesday.

Remember, if you refer 5 members to Body Life ...
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Challenge yourself to move better

You probably know by now that we’re huge fans of compound exercises. They are efficient and effective at improving strength and power, building muscle and burning energy.

Just a reminder, ...
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Perform at your best every time

Biokinetics is the science of movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment of performance. Biokinetics primary function is to improve physical functioning and health care ... See more

Getting to your ideal bodyweight

Being at your ideal bodyweight doesn’t just look good. It has underlying health benefits that are even more valuable.

When you’re at a healthy weight you reduce your risk of developing ...
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Start your year off the right way!

Our first Aerobics Marathon and Fun Run for the year... we are back, see you there!

Something for the training Mums

ISO-MUM is pH balanced and fast acting, deterring heartburn and indigestion commonly associated with protein supplementation.
It provides readily available protein for muscle fibres, aiding ...
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Get the most important fatty acids in one go

Whether you’re looking to maximise muscle development and fat loss, or you’re simply looking to take the best pathway to optimal health, fish oil is a supplement you must be adding to your daily ... See more

The most effective strategy for cutting body fat

FAHRENHEIT is a ultra concentrated fat burner that meticulously combines high doses of natural stimulant agents that attack body fat from three different angles to provide you the most effective ... See more

It's the final countdown... tonight!

ROWING CHALLENGE FINALS October 2nd at 17:30 - Bodylife McDonald Street 62!

It's going to be an intense final so come out and support!!
We look forward to seeing you there

Looking to supplement your training with good nutrition?

We have the solution for you...
FUEL - Clean, Honest, Effective Sports Nutrition.

To find out more about what they have to offer, check out their ...
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Get in shape and bring a friend!

Come join us for an awesome Aerobic marathon tonight, 24 July and be part of a great way to get in shape, bring a friend and enjoy the day with us!!!

It was start at 17.15 at Bodylife ...
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Are you up for the Challenge?

Join us for a Bench Press Competition
31st of July at 18:00 - Body Life 62 McDonald Street

Invite non members to enjoy an open day with us.
There are great prizes to be won so don't ...
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WOW Week 11

WOW 11 is here!!!! This is a short week with Easter weekend coming up. So for all those easter eggs you're going to eat, you cannot miss a session at the gym!

The WOW's are there for our ...
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