Get back to basics
Fuel your day

Invest the extra time to prepare healthy foods to take with you to work, and you’ll see the benefits inside of 15 days.
Pack your lunch with protein and you’ll power through the afternoon.

Some of the major benefits of preparing your meals in advance are:

Better nutrition
Take the time to pack in your
favourite ingredients. This will save
you the time of running to the store;
save your waistline; and you are in control
of the portion size. Win-win-win!

Boost your metabolism
Taking snacks to work with you
ensures that whenever you start
feeling peckish, you have something
that is nourishing and healthy to
put into your body.

Save some money
Buying food every day at one of the
cafés or take-aways can really start
adding up. So to start saving each month,
skip that morning coffee and snack,
and start saving big!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose a base that is packed with protein. Add some greens for colour and flavor.
Add the crunch with some nuts or seeds, and finish with a flare! Add some avocado or a vinaigrette to add that extra zing!
Keep your energy up for the whole day.