Improvements are often made in short steps. Is six weeks a period where you could commit to a change?
We’d like you to start today, take a selfie, measure your statistics, and then in six weeks time, repeat that process.

Last week we started a conversation about
the importance of fuel. We even suggested that
the wrong foods might be doing more than
adding weight, they might be biologically
altering the way your body functions!

 Most of us are very aware that “refined carbohydrates” lead to several challenges, including weight gain,
robbing us of the gains we’re making in the gym.

What if we told you that there is now strong evidence that refined carbs interfere with the hormone,
Leptin, and the way it performs in your body? What if we told you that this was the ‘master hormone’ that regulates body weight?

Could you give up sugar (including fizzy drinks) and refined grains for six weeks?

Use us as a support group because giving up refined carbs, when they’ve already interfered with your body’s response
to Leptin, is tough. That’s why we want you to book an assessment, build a training plan,
and then monitor your progress over six weeks. How big can your improvement be in just six weeks?