Dangers of the modern office

Implications of sitting at a desk

Are you experiencing back, neck and spinal pain? Sitting at a desk for
long periods of time can be seriously detrimental to your muscle groups.

Weakened muscles

Sitting tightens your hip flexor muscles and
restricts the blood flow to your glutes.
When muscles are weakened, other muscles
compensate and are put under pressure.

Neck and shoulders

When you sit in front of a computer, you almost
always lean forward and therefore put pressure on
your neck and shoulders. This increases pains
and aches.

Exercising on a regular basis can help you avoid weakening back muscles and therefore reduce back pain.

Make sure your gym sessions focus on the muscle groups that are weakened by sitting at a desk.
Important muscles to strengthen and focus on are your back, glutes and hamstrings so that you are
no longer restricted by your office chair.    

Let us help you live a more productive office life.
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