Down to the Core
Make Your Life easier

Have you noticed that things are getting more difficult lately? Tying your shoe laces shouldn’t be a chore. If so, your core probably needs to be strengthened.

 Your core muscles are the pillar of strength that keep your upper body and lower body connected. In order to do daily activities you need a strong foundation.  Every time we move, our abdominal muscles work with our back muscles to move and support our spine.

Rectus abdominis are the “six pack” muscles and the transverse abdominis help with sitting up and bending over.

Abdominal Obliques and the internal abdominal obliques are located on the sides of your torso. They help you rotate your body from side to side and support the abdominal wall and assist with respiration.

The pelvic floor and glute muscles, together with the multifidus help stabilise your joints. They further assist the abdominal muscles with stabilization, balance and movement.

Have fun strengthening your core

Strengthen your abdominal and other supporting muscles by joining our fun, social Pilates classes.

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