We want you to come to the gym and let us help make a difference to your life.
We’d like you start with an assessment with one of our trainers, and then build a
structured exercise plan to meet clear improvement targets.

To help you see just how big that improvement could be, we want you to CUT OUT refined carbs and
REDUCE your intake of fast / processed foods. We also want you to ADD two helpings of
Omega-3 rich fish a week, and a regular supply of walnuts. You won’t believe the difference
better fuel will make to your body.

We also want you to make sure you’re giving your muscles the ability to repair and recover.
Whether it’s a six-pack; bulging biceps; or improvements in the larger leg muscles (which helps to burn fat);

those muscles need a regular supply of good protein.

You’ll struggle to get more protein, minerals, and vitamins than you do from 250g of lean steak, or even 125g of liver.
For those looking to reduce red meat intake – the white, skinless meat from chicken or fish are good sources.
And don’t forget your eggs, dairy (low-fat), beans, kale, spinach etc. 

Everybody can make much more progress than they think is possible in six weeks, WITHOUT having to starve themselves, while beating out hours on a treadmill.
It starts with an assessment with one of our trainers, and the development of YOUR plan. Then, for most, there’s a commitment to a lifestyle change that will have enormous and untold benefits for your life. This is six weeks to start to change your life.