Boost that metabolism

Your Quadriceps (upper leg) are vitally important in helping you do everyday activities.
They help stabilize your knee, help your flexibility and maneuverability.
Strengthening your quads will further improve your range of movement.

Did you know?
Your Quad is made up of four supporting muscles.
They are: - The Vastus Medialis; located on your inner thigh - The Vastus Lateralis;
located on your outer thigh - The Vastus Intermedialis; located on the front of your upper thigh -
The Rectus Femoris; comes from your pelvis and sits on top of your vastus intermedialis.

Feel stronger for longer

Squats will help you build your quad and surrounding muscles.
This will further burn energy, burn calories, boost your metabolism,
help build muscle and leave you feeling stronger and ready for the day.
Our personal trainers can also help you do different variations of quad strengthening exercises.

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