To have a nice, strong and straight posture, you need to have a strong back and stabilizing muscles. The problem with sitting for long periods of time is that it weakens these muscles, which simultaneously tenses up other muscles, leaving you stiff and achy.

Pressure on your spine
The sitting position puts pressure on the spinal discs, both over-stretching them and squeezing them together, and potentially causing a bulge of the disc. Bulges can press against nerves and cause excruciating, debilitating pain. It’s best to stay mindful of your posture as much as possible during the day. 

Stiff neck and shoulders
When you’re planted in front of a computer all day long, chances are pretty high that you lean your head forward towards the screen without even realizing it. Also hunching over the keyboard to type is very common. Both these positions strain your neck and shoulder muscles and cause tension and stiffness, which in turn can cause headaches.

Weakened spinal supporters
Sitting tightens your hip flexor muscles and restricts blood flow to your glutes. Both these sets of muscles help to support the spine and ensure normal mobility. When they are weak, other muscles could try to compensate, causing injury or cramping. It also puts your spine out of position and adds pressure to it.

Take a stand every 30 minutes during the day
Speak to us about stretches you can do at work