It is always pleasing to receive feedback from members. One of my CrossFIT members wrote the below email. This is what we live for, and once again I am reminded of the power of giving someone recognition, something I can improve on a lot!

This is not to show anyone how special I am, but to remind us of the simple opportunities we have to express our gratitude towards anyone who has been a significant part of our lives.

Testimony From a CrossFIT Client

“Good Morning Dave

I would like to just take this opportunity to thank you for the positive influence you and this training has had in my life. I have seen dramatic changes in my body, weight loss, strength and stamina, but I think those are secondary benefits as the changes in my attitude and discipline and view on life are far more influencing factors to me at this stage.

I am far more positive in all my interactions, have more energy and confidence and I am looking forward to setting, achieving and smashing new goals. I have had small victories and really big ones, (from completing a whole workout in the prescribed time, doing a hand stand up against the wall by myself, and running a full 3km without stopping in 16min 20sec - this is something I never thought I could do 3 months ago!).

So once again, a big thank you for the positive changes you are making in people’s lives!”